About Reside Real Estate


The Company
Private Office for Luxury and Off-Market Properties

For nearly two decades is Reside Real Estate specialized  in the sale of exclusive properties on behalf of and to  wealthy private clients, family offices, foundations, funds and developers.

Reside Real Estate customers demand an efficient, comprehensive and extremely discreet service, which allows the successful completion of an acquisition or a de-investment within the shortest possible time.

In the segment of luxury real estate a significant percentage is marketed anonymously and discreetly without the use of classic marketing measures. There are plenty of reasons sellers of real estate insist on such absolute discretion. The international network of Reside Real Estate, consisting of capital-rich investors, real estate owners and professionals has put us in the position to enable numerous high value transactions over the past years. High net worth individuals primarily rely on our expertise and the human format of our team in addition to the access to our elite network. We generally have a very personal approach, starting from the joint formulation of targets and definition of potential buyer groups, over the preparation of exceptional presentation materials, the staging and personal introduction of properties up to an unmatched after-sales service for our international clientele. Whenever required we coordinate the services of financial organizations, tax consultants, chartered accountants, property management companies, banks, leading architects and interior designers for our international customers.

Regionally, we are focused in our activities in and around Munich, Grünwald and the Five Lakes Region south of Munich and also serve clients on the North German Island of Sylt and Kitzbühel in Austria. By working with partners in Dubai, Paris, Zurich and New York, we are also able to satisfy international investment needs.

The founder

Mrs. Regine D. Kunzmann

As a banker with many years of experience in mortgage lending, Regine Kunzmann founded the company in 1998 in Dusseldorf. After several years abroad in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Paris, the Private Real Estate Office was opened in Gruenwald 2009. Due to her international background, the dynamic entrepreneur has a very broad personal network covering not only Europe but even the USA, the PRC and Russia. By creating an almost fanatical enthusiasm for high-quality properties, a professional and dynamic incomparable commitment and, last but not least, their empathic personality, multi-million properties are being placed every year. Thus Regine Kunzmann has developed the company Reside Real Estate into one of the industry’s most successful companies in Munich.

D-82031 Grünwald
T +49 (0) 89 262 163 48